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MA Collection UDK Berlin 'Melancholy & Mania'

Graduation collection Melancholy & Mania. Inspired by the contrasting emotions and the state of mind of a manic depression. Those contrasts are reflected in the choice of colour, fabrics and the type of manufacturing.

Melancholy & Mania 

Melancholy and Mania - MA Graduation Collection, UDK (University of Arts) Berlin 2010

Gloria' s fascination for the art of outsider artists presented at the Prinzhorn collection (Heidelberg, Germany) led to the main inspiration of this collection.

'Melancholy and Mania' as the uncontrollable manifestations of extreme emotions during a manic depression. The aim was to visualise the gradient shift of emotions and their effect on the concerned person in the conceptual build up of the collection as well as in the choice of colour, materials and silhouettes.

The shoes for this collection were also designed and made by Gloria. Manufactured from one solid stem of birch wood and shaped using a 3D milling process.

Her Graduation collection 'Melancholy and Mania' gained a lot of attention from national and international press, where she was also mentioned as one of the most promising graduates of 2010 (wallpaper magazine) and won the first prize given out by Premium Berlin.